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multiracial coalition stormed
22:13, 2013-Dec-10

APPO Counselor Death Threat from State Governor

which he fell under many attacks from what would emerge asotherwise he would be transferred and killed in anotherFranklin Lamb: Which Americans Will Arrive First To Syria?A sort of roller coaster atmosphere pervades Damascus these days with "good" and "bad" news rising and falling, often by the quarter hour. Much of the population is monitoring closely the news and quickly expressing their interpretations of the . One can picture PA President Mahmoud Abbas defending the killings, stating that the . The Coup Crime Watch (CCW) group demanded the formation of a committee of elders . More>>William Blum: The AntiEmpire Report 120: Syria, Manning And Human RightsFound at last! After searching for 10 years, the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction have finally been found in Syria! Secretary of State John Kerry: "There is no doubt that Saddam alAssad Mike Iupati Women's Jersey has crossed the red line. Sorry, did I just say . More>>

David Swanson: Who The Missiles Will HurtBelieve it or not after John McCain played video games on his phone during a hearing on bombing Syria, and Eleanor Dwight Clark Throwback Jersey Holmes Norton said she'd only vote to bomb Syria out of loyalty to Obama there are decent people in the United States government who . More>>Ben Jealous: Gloucester's Rebellion: Another Lesson About Our CharacterThree hundred years before a multiracial coalition stormed Washington's National Mall to demand equal rights and economic justice, the working men of Gloucester County, Va., made a stand of their own based on class, not race. More>>Rene Wadlow: Syria : Chemical Weapons And Restraints In WarThere was a recent political drawing in the International Herald Tribune which showed high piles of skulls with signs on them which said "Killed by Assads Machine Guns", "Killed by Assads Tanks" and two men with UN on their coats saying "If they . flagRamzy Baroud: The Politics Of Death: Human Lives Devalued In Middle EastHow many Egyptians have been killed since the January 2011 revolt? My pursuit for exact figures has proven to be futile. Various sources suggest all sorts of numbers, some scrambled in such a way as to make a political point. More>>

including murder and weapons and
22:13, 2013-Dec-10

AP Top News at 5

Embassy in Awkar, east of Beirut, Lebanon, Friday, Sept. 6, 2013. military strike against Syria by nearly a 6to1 margin, a survey by The Associated Press shows. The Senate is more evenly divided ahead of its vote next week. Still, the situation is very fluid. About half of the 433member House and a third of the 100member Senate remain undecided.

sets Tuesday speech; big challenges on Syria ST. FILE In this March 10, 2005 file photo Hitler's bodyguard Rochus Misch points on a picture of Adolf Hitler he had taken in Berchtesgarden, southern Germany, in the early 1940th in his house in Berlin. Misch, who was the last remaining witness to the Nazi leader's final hours in his Berlin bunker, has died Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013. He was 96. Congress. as well as for the remainder of his presidency. The White House laid out an intense week of lobbying, with Obama addressing the nation from the White House Tuesday night. Roger Craig Jersey personnel Friday Advertisement

to leave Lebanon, reflecting fears that an Americanled strike on neighboring Jerry Rice Jersey Syria would unleash more bloodshed in this already fragile nation. The Lebanese government's top security body held an emergency meeting and the Shiite militant group Hezbollah put its fighters on high alert.

woman on death row awaits release, retrial PHOENIX (AP) Arizona woman who has spent more than two decades on death row awaited her release Friday, a day after a judge ruled that there was no direct evidence linking her to her son's death other than a purported confession to a detective whose honesty has been questioned. Debra Milke has not been exonerated, but a judge granted her a $250,000 bond Thursday, meaning she could go free while preparing for a new trial in the case that made her one of Arizona's most reviled inmates.

Ohio kidnapper called victim's mother COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) kidnapper Ariel Castro said he called the mother of one of his captives and told the woman her daughter was alive and had become his wife, according to interrogation videotapes.

wife seeks life insurance policy SANFORD, Fla. (AP) Zimmerman's wife is asking that he pay for a permanent life Joe Montana Jersey insurance policy with her named as the beneficiary, according to a divorce petition made public Friday. Shellie Zimmerman said in the petition that her husband should pay the premiums on the policy since he "has the financial ability to obtain such life insurance at reasonable rates." She also asked for custody of the couple's 2yearold Rottweiler, Oso, and 8yearold Leroy, a mixedbreed dog. They have no children.

stops Mont. judge from undoing rape sentence BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) Supreme Court on Friday blocked a judge from resentencing a former teacher who got just 30 days in prison for raping a 14yearold student, a sentence that was widely criticized after the judge said the victim was "older than her chronological age." Justices said Judge G. Open tennis tournament, Friday, Sept. 6, 2013, in New York. ((AP Photo/Charles Krupa))

launching robotic explorer to moon from Va. NASA is poised to return to the moon. EDT) from Virginia's Eastern Shore with a robotic explorer that will study the lunar atmosphere and dust. Called LADEE (LA'dee), the moonorbiting craft will measure the thin lunar atmosphere. job market for the Federal Reserve to weigh in deciding this month whether to reduce its stimulus for the economy if so, by how much. The economy added 169,000 jobs in August but many fewer in June and July than previously thought. The unemployment rate fell to 7.3 percent, the lowest since 2008, but only because more people stopped looking for work and were no longer counted as unemployed.

pleads not guilty to murder indictment FALL RIVER, Mass. Hernandez firmly answered "not guilty" to six charges, including murder and weapons and ammunition possession charges.

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23 alleged members of El Paso drug ring arrestedMan killed in West El Paso motorcycle crashEl Paso public corruption case: Another defendant pleads guiltyMinerpalooza: UTEP campus ready for tailgatingPursuit ends in gunfire in East El Paso CountyWoman accused of trying to kill autistic daughterHigh school football: No.

(From the last 12 hours)

El Paso public corruption case: Another defendant pleads guiltyPanda cubs are adorable during this vet examChobani recalls some Greek yogurt cups because of mold1 dead, others hurt in Texas high school stabbings

voted for Warren G. Harding in the
22:13, 2013-Dec-10

Antoinette Brown Blackwell

Early lifeBrown was born in Henrietta, New York, the daughter of Joseph Brown and Abby Morse. After daring to inject a prayer into her family's religious observance, she was accepted into her family's branch of the Congregational Church at age nine. She spoke in church in her youth. Shortly after becoming a member of the congregation, she began to preach during Sunday meetings. At the age of sixteen, after completing her requisite early schooling at Monroe County Academy, Antoinette herself taught school. However, the teenager was not simply content to be a schoolmarm and set her sights on a degree in theology from Oberlin College and a career in the pulpit.For four years, Antoinette taught school and saved enough money to cover the cost of her tuition at Oberlin College in Ohio. Supported by her parents, who believed not only in equal education for men and women, but also for blacks, she enrolled at Oberlin College in 1846. At the college, she completed the literary course, the prescribed course for women students. She spent her vacations in teaching and in the study of Hebrew and Greek.[1] In 1847, after graduating with her bachelor's degree, she lobbied the college for admission to the college's theological course with its emphasis on Congregationalist ministry. The administration, opposed to the idea of a woman engaging in any kind of formal theological learning and training, eventually capitulated but with a specific set of preconditions: Antoinette may enroll in the courses, but she was not to receive formal recognition. Her exegesis on the writings of the Apostle Paul was published in the Oberlin Quarterly Review. It is there, from a brief excerpt, that her understanding of what may now be popularly called feminist theology, takes shape as she writes: "Paul meant only to warn against 'excesses, irregularities, and unwarrantable liberties' in public worship.'"[2] She insisted that the Bible and its various pronouncements about women were for a specific span of time and certainly not applicable to the 19th century.Abolition and OrdinationWithout a preaching license following graduation, Brown decided to pause her ministerial ambitions to write for Frederick Douglass' abolitionist paper, The North Star. She spoke in 1850 at the first National Women's Rights Convention, giving a speech that was well received and served as the beginning of a speaking tour in which she would address issues such as abolition, temperance, and women's rights. Brown spoke at many of the subsequent annual National Women's Rights Conventions.Brown was eventually given a license to preach by the Congregational Church in 1851 and then offered a position as rector of a Congregationalist church in South Butler, New York (see Butler, New York) in 1852. She temporarily suspended her vast speaking engagements, writing to her friend (and later sisterinlaw) Lucy Stone that she had lectured eighteen times in almost as many days, and was ordained by a socially radical Methodist minister named Luther Lee, a passionate and vocal advocate of women's right to theological education and leadership. At her ordination, Lee delivered a sermon testifying to Antoinette's suitability as a preacher and her calling from God: "If God and mental and moral culture have not already qualified her," he said to the crowd assembled for the occasion, "we cannot, by anything we may do by way of ordaining or setting her apart All we are here to do is to subscribe our testimony to the fact, that in our belief, our sister in Christ, Antoinette L. The Boston Investigator reported her departure with the headline: "REV. ANTOINETTE BROWN, more recently Rev. Mrs. Blackwell, seems to have made a failure in her first pastorate."[4] It was not her personal failure as the papers were anxious to suggest, but rather a growing insecurity of belief in the orthodoxy of the Congregational ministry, compounded with a lack of sustainable resources for her work. In 1857, she returned to her work as an orator and reformer with her new husband, Samuel C. While many women's rights activists opposed religion on the basis that it served to oppress women, Blackwell was steadfast in her belief that women's active participation in religion could serve to further their status in society. Unlike many of her peers, she cared more about improving women's status in society than for suffrage. She believed that the inherent differences between men and women limited men's effectiveness in representing women in politics; thus suffrage, would have little positive impact for women, unless it was coupled with tangible leadership opportunities. Brown also diverged in opinion from other reformers with her opposition to divorce as a means of easing women's marital restrictions.With regard to her own prospect of marriage, Brown believed that it was best to remain single, because single women experienced greater levels of independence than married women. Upon meeting Samuel Blackwell, her opinions began to waver in favor of marriage. The two married on January 24, 1856,[5] and had seven children, two dying in infancy.Brown continued her career until domestic responsibilities combined with Frank Gore Jersey her disagreement with many aspects of the women's rights movement and caused her to discontinue lecturing. Writing became her new outlet for initiation positive change for women; in her works she encouraged women to seek out masculine professions, and asked men to share in household duties, yet she retained the belief that women's primary role is care of the home and family. She also combined science and philosophy, writing The Sexes Throughout Nature in 1875, in which she argued that evolution resulted in two sexes that were different but equal. She answered Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer who she considered to be the most influential men of her day[6] aware she would be considered presumptuous for criticizing evolutionary theory but wrote that "will never be lessened by waiting".[7] Darwin had written a letter to her in 1869, thanking her for a copy of her book, Studies in General Science.[8] She also wrote a novel, The Island Neighbors, in 1871, and a collection of poetry, Sea Drift, in 1902.In 1860, at the last National Woman's Rights Convention held before the outbreak of the civil war, Antoinette engaged in the heated debate about divorce with her colleagues and contemporaries, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She was opposed to an easy divorce arguing, "the married partner can not annul his obligations to the other All divorce is naturally and morally impossible." Antoinette, a staunch abolitionist and suffragette, contrary to the hopes of her friends and fellow suffragettes, supported the passage of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which did not include the right of free women to vote. During the controversy, she and Lucy Stone founded the American Woman Suffrage Association as a counterweight to Anthony's National Woman Suffrage Association.In 1869, Brown and Stone separated from other preeminent women's rights activists to form the American Woman Suffrage Association in support of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution. In 1873, she founded the Association for the Advancement of Women in an attempt to address women's issues that similar organizations ignored. She was elected president of the New Jersey Woman Suffrage Association in 1891, and helped found the American Purity Association. She also lectured on behalf of the poor of New York City.Oberlin College awarded Brown an honorary Master's and Doctoral degrees in 1878 and 1908, respectively.In 1878 she returned to organized religion, becoming a Unitarian. She applied to the American Unitarian Association and was recognized as a minister. She spoke in Unitarian churches and resumed her lecture touring.[9]In 1893 Brown attended the Parliament of Religions during the Columbian Exposition in Chicago. There she said, "Women are needed in the pulpit as imperatively and for the same reason that they are needed in the worldbecause they are women. Women have becomeor when the ingrained habit of unconscious imitation has been superseded, they will becomeindispensable to the religious evolution of the human race."[9]In 1902 she helped found the Unitarian Society of Elizabeth, New Jersey, serving as its minister.[9]In 1920, at age 95, she was the only participant of the 1850 Women's Rights Convention in Worcester, Massachusetts, to see the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which gave women the right to vote.[9] Deion Sanders Throwback Jersey She voted for Warren G. Harding in the 1920 presidential election.Antoinette Brown Blackwell died at the age of 96 in Elizabeth, New Jersey.Her childhood home was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.[10]In 1975 the United Church of Christ at its 10th General Synod began awarding the Antoinette Brown Awards to ordained UCC women who "exemplify the contributions that women can make through ordained ministry, have provided outstanding ministry in a parish or other church related institutions, including women in specialized ministry, and have a sensitivity concerning Tom Rathman Throwback Jersey the challenges and possibilities of women in ministry and advocacy on behalf of all women in the church."[11]

Padres took a 70 lead going into
22:13, 2013-Dec-10

Arizona Diamondbacks take three of four in tribute weekend

TheArizona Diamondbackstook three of four games against the San Alex Boone Women's Jersey Diego Padres at Chase Field. As the weather in Arizona finally starts to drop below triple digits, the Diamondbacks remain redhot. They continue to pull away from the San Francisco Giants, who are now 8.5 games behind in the National League West. The Diamondbacks are only half a game behind the Milwaukee Brewers for second place in the National League. If they pull ahead of the Brewers by the end of the regular season, they will play the Atlanta Braves with home field advantage in the first round of the playoffs. If they cannot pass the Brewers, they will be playing the Philadelphia Phillies, who will have home field advantage. As part of the tenyear anniversary of 9/11, and the Diamondbacks World Series Championship, they wore their retro uniforms from 2001 Friday through Sunday.

The Diamondbacks had just taken three games from the Padres at home two weekends ago. Game one was Thursday, and the Diamondbacks won 41 behind ace Ian Kennedy, and his National League leading 19th win of the season. He pitched 7 2/3 innings striking out 11 batters and not giving up one walk. Home runs by Paul Goldschmidt and Justin Upton were more than enough to seal the victory. Two Alex Boone Men's Jersey additional runs were tacked on in the bottom of the seventh Alex Boone NFL Jersey inning as the Padres scored their only run in the top of the eighth. Putz got his 38th save of the season when he closed out the ninth inning.

Friday night, the Diamondbacks wore their flashback uniforms to celebrate their 2001 World Series Championship. Although the Padres scored the first two runs of the game, the Diamondbacks scored the final three, for another comefrombehind win. Daniel Hudson followed up Ian Kennedy performance with a two Alex Boone Youth Jersey run complete game, allowing only five hits with seven strikeouts and two walks. The Padres scored their second run of the game in the 49er Alex Boone Jersey top of Jon Baldwin Men's Jersey the sixth. Justin Upton responded by hitting a home run in the bottom of the sixth. This was his second home run in as many nights, and it closed the score to 21. A Chris Young double and Gerardo Parra triple tied the score 22 in the seventh inning. After a leadoff walk in the eighth, Miguel Montero and Lyle Overbay singled, which scored Aaron Hill and gave the Diamondbacks the win 32.

The Diamondbacks honored the 2001 World Series Championship team before their game against the Padres Saturday night. During the game, the Diamondbacks showed their resiliency with another comefrombehind win in extra innings. The Diamondbacks headed into the ninth Alex Boone Jersey inning down 53 facing Heath Bell, one of the best closers in baseball. Two batters later, the scored was tied at five with backtoback home runs by Chris Young and Lyle Overbay. The game 49er Jon Baldwin Jersey ended in the bottom of the tenth inning when Overbay was walked with the bases loaded, scoring Justin Upton. A sellout crowd of 48,017 was on hand to see the game, and the ceremony Jon Baldwin Youth Jersey honoring the 2001 World Series Championship team. This was only Jon Baldwin NFL Jersey the second sellout of the season. The win was a franchise record 15th home win in a row.

Before the final game of the four game series, the Diamondbacks Jon Baldwin Jersey performed a wonderful tribute to the fallen heroes on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. The Padres took a 70 lead going into the bottom of the sixth inning. The Diamondbacks rallied by scoring five runs off of a Henry Blanco home run, three singles, a double, and a walk in that inning. After finding themselves still down by two runs, the Diamondbacks could only muster up one more run in the seventh, and lost the game 76. Starter Josh Jon Baldwin Women's Jersey Collmenter had a rough outing as he only got through four innings and allowed six runs.

The Diamondbacks lost their first home game in their last sixteen, but won the series against the Padres 31. They will travel to Los Angeles to take on the Dodgers in a three game series beginning tonight. The magic number for the Diamondbacks to win the National League West Division is any combination of eight wins or eight San Francisco Giants losses, with 15 games remaining.

his most significant moves.
22:13, 2013-Dec-10

Arizona Diamondbacks

BY BRANDON J. If you lined him up with Luis Gonzalez, Steve Nash, and Larry Fitzgerald, who do you think an average Arizona sports fan would gravitate to first?

Maybe at this point his popularity has increased incrementally, but over the past 15 years, given the amount of coverage the have received, 49er Craig Dahl Jersey I doubt Arizona fans have given Doan his proper due.

He's the longest tenured professional athlete in Arizona sports today, and a last remaining member of the original Winnipeg Jets when they moved to downtown Phoenix in 1996, but I'm wondering how much he's really appreciated overall. To give his time here some perspective, there are no current Expos with the , and it's been around seven years since that franchise moved from Phil Dawson NFL Jersey Montreal. You seldom get players to stick around in the same city for an extended period of time, and Doan has done it with the least popular Phil Dawson Jersey franchise in Arizona.

How overshadowed has Doan been? Let's think about the other three sports teams in Phoenix. Isobe worked at the West Regional of the tournament, gathering quotes for the Craig Dahl Men's Jersey NCAA. Airways Center, asked our media relations department if we would like to volunteer at the games and really who would turn down an opportunity like that? Well the four of us in the department as well as our assistant AD Phil Dawson Women's Jersey for marketing made the trip down to the Valley last Wednesday and I can't lie, I was stoked (and again who wouldn't be?) 2012 team preview

BY BRANDON J. West champion Diamondbacks Phil Dawson Men's Jersey in home runs and RBI last season. There was an equal share of surprise pitching performances Craig Dahl Youth Jersey (Ian Kennedy), an emerging star Craig Dahl NFL Jersey coming into his own (Justin Upton), Craig Dahl Jersey a fan favorite with a unique perk ("Tatman" Ryan Roberts) and a bullpen that saw significant improvement from the previous year. Their torrid streak starting somewhere in midMay, along with some lucky breaks in the division (Rockies giving up on Ubaldo, Buster Posey breaking his ankle, and the Dodgers being financially incompetent) allowed for one hell of a ride. Did he succeed in this? Let's examine his most significant moves.

I grew up playing the undesirable position Craig Dahl Women's Jersey in legion baseball, but I never Phil Dawson Youth Jersey let position No. 9 ever 49er Phil Dawson Jersey bother me. It one of the most valuable spots on the diamond, which is why managers choose to place their strongest throwing outfielders in the right corner. Despite Ichiro raw fielding ability, the Seattle Mariners never really thought bout placing him in center to chase down balls. His cannon was to valuable. It a position that may not get a lot of hype, yet we can never question it importance.

Here five right fielders in Major League Baseball who show us just how vital right field can be to a bigleague club.

Toronto Blue Jays right fielder Jose Bautista has hit at least 40 home runs during the past two seasons.


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